I am a leading Talent Connector with over 21 years experience and an ever-evolving portfolio. An in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methods in human resourcing, combined with meaningful personal interaction, always ahead of the curve.


Based in Shoreditch, London UK, I have an effective reach in local full-time and freelance markets, as well as a growing global capacity in placing candidates returning home after gaining valuable experience in
the UK.


I navigate beyond the worlds of LinkedIn and online recruitment, interacting directly with talent in person. I cut through the time-wasting white noise of applications by only selecting relevant people strategically. I also pride myself on being able to listen carefully to a candidate's goals and priorities. In this way I can help them to move forward in the direction that feels right for them.

My expertise lies in providing content delivery specialists in a wide range of areas including:

Advertising Technology (Ad-Tech)

Data Analytics/Architecture

Next Generation Software Delivery

Over the Top (OTT) Delivery

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) Delivery

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) Delivery

TV Platform Development from concept to delivery

For a comprehensive overview of my search focus, or to discuss potential opportunities not listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

My approach is that of a talent agent - a career facilitator. I am driven by working closely with people to build honest experiences through a personal service.  This allows me to help both candidates and clients find, and define, exactly what they’re looking for. 

Through meaningful dialogue I can ascertain what is is a candidate wants from their next step, and keep this at the forefront of my search. I want candidates to feel excited by the process of job-hunting, and never daunted. I stay up-to-date with their attributes, projects, skill sets and potential to aid their informed decision-making. I can also fully engage with each unique client requirement to deliver talent of the highest calibre, quickly.

For the fast turnaround of project-based roles, I excel in finding talent at short notice without compromising on quality. For permanent positions, I have the integrity to find candidates that will fit your company’s culture just as well as its craft.