Breaking the Cycle: Word of Mouth Hiring - Culture or Cult?

WOM internal hiring: Culture or Cult?

Has the request of being asked to spread the word externally about ‘we’re hiring’ gone too far? 

Being asked to support in the hiring process across a business has become the working norm, but why should one department’s resource issue be another department’s problem? Are other members of staff really qualified to recommend individuals from their professional or personal background on who to hire?  I can say, confidently NO! These employees are experts in other parts of the business and not in recruitment. But this is still happening on a regular basis.

In my experience over the many years of speaking to people, word of mouth hiring rarely results in a working culture that matches a brand’s fit and work ethic. It creates a cult of like-minded people, working in siloed teams with one dimensional thinking, often leading to segregation across a business. 

So, before you contemplate sending that next message to ALL staff about ‘we’re hiring’, are you asking them because you think your staff are experts in recruitment, or, is this sending the wrong message of CUTTING COSTS on hiring and not investing in the best talent available in the market?

I would love to hear your thoughts…