Breaking the cycle- People vs AI – Why human relationships will always win!

Breaking the cycle

People vs AI – Why human relationships will always win

With all the advancement of technology and the many benefits it provides, does it reach its limits when it comes to the search in recruitment?  Could it ever fully replace human interaction?

No matter how many algorithms you set on platforms in the search for people, you are only as good as the data that’s provided – one incorrectly tagged data set and you’re in a mine field trawling through drivel trying to look for gems, with nothing but dull grey rocks staring back at you.

Listening to clients’ challenges in their recruitment search,  I am never surprised to learn of the reasons why they’re struggling, as they rattle off what they have done and how they have done it, on as many platforms as possible, hoping that someone replies.

Nothing can replace face to face, voice to voice interaction with people when it comes to the forging of relationships.  These relationships can take months and years to nurture, requiring listening, understanding, trust, respect and appreciation.  When it comes to recruitment you’re not looking for that one single person to undertake list of tasks, you’re looking for someone who meets your business needs, is normally going to be part of a team, and in return that person is looking for a role that meets their personal and professional needs. 

A recruiter has these ready-made relationships for you to access.  No amount of algorithm searches will provide you with this.  Fact.  And they never will…!

So, the next time you wonder why your role isn’t attracting the high of calibre of individual you thought it would by blanket spamming out your jobs to Linked In and your current employee networks, maybe, you should have a long think why and be brave admit your startegy doesnt work and re-connect with your trusted recruiters.