Senior Delivery Manager - London, Melbourne & NYC

Delivery Manager

Primary Skills: Project management, human interaction, ability to drive to results (conclusion, consensus, delivery) on time and budget

Secondary Skills: Knowledge of video infrastructure, knowledge of SaaS delivery

Role Purpose

As a Delivery manager your aim is to deliver Customer Solutions powered by Products and Services.  These solutions are delivered by cross-organisational teams including customers, internal engineering and solution architecture teams, and external system-integrators.  You will be ‘on point’ for ensuring the successful delivery of the Solution.

Throughout delivery you will be ensuring everyone involved has visibility of the work.  This means crystal clear communications to create a shared understanding of what is being done and why we are doing it.

Our Customer Solutions are time critical so you will need strong project planning skills with an ability of managing strict project delivery timelines.  You’ll be working with emergent requirements.  Change and complexity are givens and engaging with these whilst keeping delivery on time and on track will be central to your role.

As well as managing timescales and scope you will be able control and monitor cost, across functional and organisational boundaries.

You will be the internal interface to key stakeholders responsible for delivery of the overall solution.

You will recognise and engage with risks that could impact delivery, working with all parties to mitigate successfully.

This role requires the individual to have high-level knowledge on SaaS products and processes, as well as video infrastructure (primarily OTT, secondarily broadcast). The individual needs to have very good communication skills to be able to talk to multiple internal teams and external stakeholders.

The individual has to be extremely time driven to be able to manage overall co-ordination on a timely basis and be able to alert in advance of any perspective delays.

Key Accountabilities
•    To ensure project alignment across all parties, and drive to a result that delights the client
•    To manage Quality, Resource, Time and Scope to keep delivery on track
•    To interface with the clients, 3rd-party integration partners, and internal engineering and solution architecture teams.
•    To coordinate and communicate constantly with customers and internal teams to make sure there are no delays, and all parties stay in alignment
•    To track and escalate appropriately in case of any delays or misalignments

Key Skills
•    Proficient in service delivery project planning and managing
•    Knowledge and experience of Lean and Agile methods
•    Basic knowledge of SaaS delivery methodologies
•    Basic knowledge of video-delivery infrastructure
•    Relationship management
•    Excellent overall written and verbal communication skills
•    Ability to work under pressure and stick to stringent timelines
•    Excellent documentation and reporting skills
•    Timeliness
•    Accuracy

5+ years of total experience
2+ years of experience in a delivery manager or project manager role
People management skills to interface with other stakeholders and teams
Experience working under strict timelines
Experience delivering large projects for international customers
Excellent verbal and written communication