Senior Video Platform Engineer - London

Do you understand video container formats and codecs?  For example are you able to articulate what MPEG-DASH and HLS is? Are you able to talk about the different between I, P and B frames etc.

Do you have an Engineer mind-set, this client is looking for someone to help built not co-ordinate.

Do you have experience using cloud based transcoders and tools and building web applications for using video on the web.

Preferably experience with ad tech (I.e. should know what VAST is and understand the ad tech workflow).

Have you built or at least been apart of large scale video deployment (interest here is dealing with millions of video clips).

Experience with Facebook video, YouTube etc.

Experience with AWS/Cloud infrastructure.

This hire needs to be someone who can help the rest of the team learn the video deployments and products

Are you prepared to work for small company, still in a start up phase (at least for the video offering).