Head of Live Delivery (Sports)/ Video in the Cloud Architecture

As Head of Live Video in the Cloud Architecture you will be responsible for architecting the clients Cloud solution (a video streaming platform), providing the technical direction for the product and project, and leading the team.  

Providing the technical direction of the product would include designing, prototyping and being an integral part of the technical team; who are responsible for building the technology

  • Live Video

  • Live Cloud Delivery

  • Live Sports

  • Live Video on the Web

  • Cloud Production

  • AWS Architecture

  • Big Data

  • MAM Contribution  

Initially you would be required to identify the skills needed and then take an active involvement in selecting quality candidates for the team. 

It’s expected the team will consist of a  Lead Developer; ideally with Cloud Video experience UI / Front End Developer Junior / Entry level Graduate.  

You with work with the Product and Senior Leadership Teams to define the roadmap for the next 3 years, and must demonstrate critical thinking and diligent research around feasibility trade-offs, with cost and compatibility to support the design decisions.      

There is likely to be some work with appropriate major sports bodies to deliver the commercial plan.  

We would expect you to leverage your deep understanding of system internals and component interactions to build designs and detailed specifications for resilient complex public cloud video solutions.


Proven track record of successfully deploying large scale cloud video solutions Full and in-depth understanding of on-demand Cloud platforms, digital video processing, and video streaming protocols

Strong foundation in computer networking and database management

High quality, advanced education in Computer Science or Maths

Excellent communication & collaboration skills

Experience of leading and creating a team of specialists